Apply Online for the Marriage Allowance

We have written in the past about the relatively new Marriage Allowance that was introduced so that married couples or those in a civil partnership are able to transfer part of their personal allowance.

The Marriage Allowance can be transferred from one half of the couple that is not using their full personal allowance to the other half who would be able to make use of it at the basic rate of tax.

You can apply for the Marriage Allowance online and to do this you will need some details relating to yourself and your partner. You can check out all the information here.

You can also backdate it to 5th April 2015 if you were eligible for it in previous tax years but have not yet claimed it.

Once you have applied for it, you will continue to have the Marriage Allowance transferred to your partner until you let HMRC know that you are no longer eligible or your circumstances change.

The person who receives the extra allowance will either get it through their tax return or as a change to their tax code, but it can take a few months for it to be processed. Don’t worry though, as it will be backdated to the start of the tax year.