Marriage Transferable Tax Allowance

David Cameron has announced a new change to the personal allowance for married couples from 2015.

The change will benefit couples where one half is paying tax at the basic rate (but not higher) and the other half has some unused personal allowance (i.e. they will be earning less than £10,000).

The person who is not using all of their personal allowance is able to transfer over up to £1,000 of it to their other half to use. This will give a benefit of £200 to the person paying the basic rate tax (20% of the £1,000).

So if you are not earning enough to take up your full personal allowance then you need to look into transferring this to your husband or wife so that they do not need to pay as much tax from 2015. You will have to apply online to use this transferable tax allowance but not only is it available to married couples it is also available to civil partnerships.